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Happy Birthday Julia!

Hello friends! Last weekend we celebrated my Sister in Law Julia’s birthday. My In laws ordered Ribs and fix-ins at Famous Daves (In Renton). It’s one of our fave BBQ places here in the Pacific Northwest! Too bad the restaurant is far from our place (I think it’s a 40 minute drive) depending on traffic. The Hubs made cornbread too because you can’t have ribs without some cornbread! We ate out on the deck because it was nice day and my MIL has covered the deck in pretty flowers, so we just had to eat outside. Happy Birthday Julia, many blessings to come your way!

yummy ribs

yummy ribs




MIL and her humongous  plant

MIL and her humongous flower baskets

2015-07_19_DSC_4771 2015-07_19_DSC_4772 2015-07_19_DSC_4773

2015-07_19_DSC_4756 2015-07_19_DSC_4767



2015-07_19_DSC_4768 2015-07_19_DSC_4769 2015-07_19_DSC_4776 2015-07_19_DSC_4779 2015-07_19_DSC_4781

Being Silly while singing the Birthday song for Julia and Riley!

2015-07_19_DSC_4789 2015-07_19_DSC_4793 2015-07_19_DSC_4798

One of Julia’s B-day gift from her parents (Lenox figurines)

2015-07_19_DSC_4799 2015-07_19_DSC_4806

Auntie giving Riley watermelon!

Auntie giving Riley watermelon!


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