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Westport and Ocean Shores, WA

Hello, Everyone! Last Friday morning  we went to Westport (together with my Hubs family and our doggies) and Ocean shores for some family bonding (we got back yesterday afternoon). We’ve been wanting to do this for a while now because we wanted to bring the doggies to the Ocean and get some fresh seafood.  Zach spent a lot of time at the Ocean during summer vacations growing up and they usually stayed at the Discovery Inn (sadly it’s in the process of renovation) and it’s not the same place anymore.

We did the usual things like go to Brady’s oysters for smoke seafood, get fresh tuna belly at Westport, spent time in the Ocean (the doggies had the blast), played some games, had s’mores one night at the Ocean with deer watching us. We really liked our rental, spacious and was more than enough space for all of us. Hopefully this will be a yearly thing for the family:) *picture overload about to happen!




Going to buy tuna belly and loin (so fresh, they got it that morning)

2015-07_26_DSC_4815 2015-07_26_DSC_4817

This guy was preparing our Tuna Loin (so good when it’s so fresh)

2015-07_26_DSC_4820 2015-07_26_DSC_4821 2015-07_26_DSC_4823



2015-07_26_DSC_4828 2015-07_26_DSC_4834 2015-07_26_DSC_4841

Pictures of our condo:

Our bedroom


My In laws room


Lexy hanging out at Julias room

2015-07_26_DSC_4848 2015-07_26_DSC_4850



We had tuna belly,shrimp, steamed clams in white wine and bread! Delicious!

2015-07_26_DSC_4856 2015-07_26_DSC_4857 2015-07_26_DSC_4859 2015-07_26_DSC_4861 2015-07_26_DSC_4869 2015-07_26_DSC_4871 2015-07_26_DSC_4872 2015-07_26_DSC_4875 2015-07_26_DSC_4876 2015-07_26_DSC_4886 2015-07_26_DSC_4893 2015-07_26_DSC_4903 2015-07_26_DSC_4925 2015-07_26_DSC_4928 2015-07_26_DSC_4950 2015-07_26_DSC_4963 2015-07_26_DSC_4967 2015-07_26_DSC_4970 2015-07_26_DSC_4990 2015-07_26_DSC_5011


2015-07_26_DSC_5039 2015-07_26_DSC_5044 2015-07_26_DSC_5055


The face Riley and I make when it’s too hot and too loud because of the motorcycle show!


2015-07_26_DSC_5087 2015-07_26_DSC_5093 2015-07_26_DSC_5099 2015-07_26_DSC_5110 2015-07_26_DSC_5120

With my Dad In Law Phil!

2015-07_26_DSC_5122 2015-07_26_DSC_5123 2015-07_26_DSC_5134 2015-07_26_DSC_5137 2015-07_26_DSC_5157 2015-07_26_DSC_5158

The deer hang out with us while we had s’mores

2015-07_26_DSC_5160 2015-07_26_DSC_5161 2015-07_26_DSC_5163 2015-07_26_DSC_5164 2015-07_26_DSC_5165 2015-07_26_DSC_5169 2015-07_26_DSC_5178Excuse my morning face!haha..preparing breakfast with my Mom In Law Kathy (she made pancakes, I did the bacon!)



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