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Hello Friends! Happy Friday:) I wanted to share my “recent” hauls for the last couple of months (some products I got around April) just because! I personally enjoy watching these kind of videos on youtube or blogs to get some ideas from the product reviews which I find very helpful. Most of these I ordered online and were on sale because, just like the majority of people, I like me some good deals!

Semi Annual Sale at Bath and Body works

Semi Annual Sale at Bath and Body works

I went to Bath and Body works for their semi annual sale (last June) because I got a good coupon and wanted to use it.  I rarely use their products now (aside from their candles) because I’m trying to use more “natural” and organic products (slowly trying).  I know my sister (Hello Ate!) wanted me to get her some of these, so these are for her. I bought 2 candles and I regret the Rio Red Guava because it sure gave me a headache after burning it for 3 hours. I hated it, but the hubs likes it.  I will probably throw this one out, but I’ve read somewhere that you can actually return a candle even after burning it and get a new one (exchanged it) but I’m not sure if I want to do that! It’s not their fault if I don’t like the scent of the candle I picked it…smelled great at the store.

Alternative coffee from Amazon

Alternative coffee from Amazon

I’m trying to drink less ‘real’ coffee now (it’s so hard!) so I started drinking Teeccino Herbal coffee. It’s a great alternative to coffee because IMO it taste like coffee without the caffeine. I’ve had this before so I decided to just buy it in bulk on Amazon (I think it was on sale when I got them). My favorite is the French roast dark!

Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

I got this on Amazon together with the Teeccino coffee, and I love the white chocolate wonderful one! A more natural version of peanut butter than what we’re used to eating at home. They’re all good, so creamy and the prices at amazon were decent too. I’ve checked it at our local grocery store and there’s no way I’m buying them there.

Henri Bendel Bag

Henri Bendel Bag


Henri Bendel had a summer sale last June, it’s one of my favorite brands because the quality is superb. I like it because you can only buy their products at their stores and online. It’s not “everywhere” unlike Michael Kors or Kate Spade. I feel like every woman on the planet has an MK bag or something. The prices are affordable so long as they are on sale:)

Costco cookbooks

Costco cookbooks

I dropped some donations at our local Value Village last weekend, they gave me a coupon that I can use in the store as a “thank you” for my donations. I checked their books section and found these goodies. I think I paid $6 after my discount. I’m looking forward to trying some recipes in the coming weeks.


Nike “Free 5.0 TR Fit” training shoes

Nordstrom had their Anniversary sale last month and I decided to get these Nike shoes. They got decent reviews and I’ve been wanting to get a pair of “light” sneakers for a while now. So with the sale I thought I would just get this and return it if I’m not into it.  I’ve used them already and they’re so perfect for me! Super comfortable and light weight. I know I will get a lot of use out of these shoes in the coming months. Happy savings friends!

*For the month of August, I’m joining the #buynothing challenge! This means I’ll only buy the necessary (no starbucks coffee for me or things I’ve mentioned above!). So far so good for me, the first week was easy, I avoided Target and Homegoods (these stores are my weakness!). We’ll see how I will do in the coming 2nd week:)


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