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Ocean Park, Hong Kong

Hello Everyone! I Hope you’re all having a good weekend. We’re still recovering at home from our nasty colds and annoying coughs. I just wanted to share our Ocean Park adventures with family during our 2 weeks vacation. Me and my sisters visited this park 10 years ago, we had a great memory about our experience thus we wanted to visit it again so the rest of the family can see what it’s all about.

The Park is so big that I don’t think we were able to see the whole place.  We had to prioritize what shows and places we wanted to see because  we didn’t have a lot of time and also their cable car was not working that day (what a bummer). Too bad also that my nephews were too short for a lot of the rides.  Maybe next time we visit that won’t be a problem!:)

Here’s a  description of the Ocean Park, Hong Kong (source: wikipedia): Ocean Park Hong Kong, commonly known as Ocean Park, is a marine mammal park, oceanarium, animal theme park and amusement park, situated in Wong Chuk Hang and Nam Long Shan in the Southern District of Hong Kong.


Bus ride going to Ocean Park!



image image image image image image image image






I love this picture of my Nephew Krammy, he was laughing at himself while trying this hat (miss you Kram)!

2015-09_25_DSC_5388 2015-09_25_DSC_5389

Eboy (another Nephew) miss you Eb!


I’m the only one looking at the camera?



Lazy and sleepy Panda!



About to watch the Dolphin and Seal show ( I was disappointed honestly, I feel like the show 10 years ago was so much better)





Lunch at Terrace Cafe (disappointed at how expensive the food was yet the quality was mediocre; I guess you’re paying the view of the restaurant)

2015-09_25_DSC_5512 2015-09_25_DSC_5520 2015-09_25_DSC_5523 2015-09_25_DSC_5527

Excuse my double chin! Bad Angle! HA..


After Lunch, we’re off to the Jellyfish museum which was very cool and one of my fave in the Park.

2015-09_25_DSC_5534 2015-09_25_DSC_5544 2015-09_25_DSC_5557 2015-09_25_DSC_5578

2015-09_25_DSC_5556 2015-09_25_DSC_5563 2015-09_25_DSC_5571

2015-09_25_DSC_5572 2015-09_25_DSC_5584

Candid picture of my Mom, sis, and nephew! They were laughing at my older sister while Zach was giving her a hard time on one of the rides they took.

2015-09_25_DSC_5585 2015-09_25_DSC_5587

I forgot the name of this ride, it was fun watching my family act like crazy kids..


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