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Halloween Weekend!

Hello Friends! Yesterday was Halloween here in the states and this is the first time that we didn’t have that many trick or treaters. The weather was mainly to be blame because it was just so bad. Raining and windy is not an ideal time for cute kids to be out and about ( we had a blackout Saturday morning that lasted 2 hours). Kudos to the brave parents though because they were still out there last night! The Hubs and I don’t really do anything during this time of year.  We make sure we have candies though because we live in a neighborhood with lots of kids:) We watched the world series (Go ROYALS!) and NBA games, football (me specially, the hubs is not that into watching sports). Friday evening my In laws had dinner with us because our local seafood market had fresh King crabs legs (FRESH, flown from Alaska Friday morning) so we took the opportunity to have some because it’s very rare to get fresh king crab. It was such a special treat. It was so GOOD! We also had steak to go with it.  Have a great week friends!

image image

How cute is my Mom In Law?hehe

image image

Crabby fights!

image image image



Beechers cheese bread!

image image image image

Thank You Generator for the 2 hours of electricity!


Napping every weekend is his fave!



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