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What We Ate Lately / Menu Planning

Hello friends! I hope you’re having a good Monday. I’ve been menu planning for the last couple of months now and it’s been a positive thing for me as a homemaker. No reason for me not to do this because I don’t work outside the home. Saves me time and money, that’s always a good thing right? Here’s my meal plan this week:

M: Left overs (Pizza, Filipino Chicken soup/tinola)

T: Tuna Steaks,veggies,rice

W: Chicken wings,salad

T: Frozen meal for me (maybe tomato soup); Zach will have a dinner at his Office

F: Mushroom Risotto;salad

S/S (weekends): Eat out/take out/left overs

I don’t include Breakfast/lunches in my menu planning because we always have the same thing most of the time. We typically have cereals, oatmeal,yogurt,eggs,toast,fruits,coffee:)

Here’s some of our dinners lately:


Grilled Hamachi Collar



Braised Pork shoulder


Sautéed baby squid


Potato hash with eggs/bacon


Sushi dinner when we visited my Sis In Law in her place!


Beef teriyaki (from my fave Vietnamese place)


Chinese take out from Safeway (Zach was out of town last week for 4 days; I wanted cheap chinese food:)


Stir fried beef and veggies while the Hubs was out of town!

image image

Dried fish,eggs,rice (perfect brunch!)


Grilled Halibut,rice,veggies


A special treat! King crab legs and steak last Friday (when we had my In laws for dinner)

image image

Saturday night: Pizza and salad

image image

Sunday dinner: sushi from Uwajimaya


Happy cooking and eating friends!


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