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Hi Friends! Happy Monday:) One of our “goals” this year is to really be intentional with our family budget. I’m responsible for budgeting, paying bills, getting groceries, and making meals while the hubs earns the money! We’ve already talked/made plans this past weekend about our financial goals for the year so I’m glad that is taken care of. Anyways, I wanted to share our dinners last week (after Christmas) and our menu plans for this week. I did the grocery shopping this week and came under budget (YES!). We have well stocked refrigerators right now and I plan to use what we already have for the coming weeks. Here’s to saving money and cooking at home!


Pork and chicken adobo


Beef caldereta ( filipino version of beef stew)


Chopped pork belly


Bittermelon with eggs,grilled pork belly


Veggie fried rice,chicken shiomai,shrimp


My plate!

Here’s our meal plans for the week:

M: Leftovers (we had beef caldereta; it’s a filipino version of beef stew)

T: Pasta with truffle butter (Ina Garten recipe),salads

w: Pork chop, rice, green beans

Th: Leftovers

F: Take out/Pizza

S: Chili

Sun: Salmon,veggies

*Our breakfast are usually :coffee and toast,yogurt,cereals,oatmeal then sandwiches and leftovers for lunch.

My groceries this week. The fridges are already stocked so I only bought produces that will be good this week, and I got some meat that was on sale that I can freeze for consumption in the coming weeks. Meat prices are getting ridiculous so I try to save money this way.



This will be good for a week or more



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