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Hi Friends! How’s your day going? I hope it was a great one. Mine was awesome! I did my grocery shopping today, I usually do it after my Ladies Bible study on Tuesdays but it’s winter break this week at our local school (the church follows the school district schedule, so no study for us this week). I got some good deals at the grocery store but the cashier forgot to scan some of the coupons (I only noticed it when I got home) that were on the products.  $6 worth of savings 😦 I’m not really sure if it’s worth going back to the store tomorrow, we’ll see. Anyways, the first 2 pictures are of my grocery hauls last week, I’m thinking that I probably don’t need to go grocery shopping for the rest of the month because we’re pretty stocked up. Maybe I’ll just buy some fruit (we have frozen veggies that I really want to use) and we’re good. I’m excited because if I’m going to stick to my “plan” I will be under budget this month. It’s always a good thing when I’m under budget with my grocery money! Happy cooking, eating and savings friends!


Safeway haul last week!


Fred Meyer haul last week.


Fred Meyer 



Meal Plans this week:

Tuesday/tonight: Lobster,asparagus

Wednesday: Roast salmon, veggie fried rice

Thursday: Beef stroganoff (and egg noodle)

Friday:Not sure (maybe Pizza or Take out)

Saturday: Not sure/out with friends

Sunday: meatballs and spaghetti

Meals/Dinners  last week:


Clams in wine broth, grilled bread


Crabs and we also have left overs


Filipino breakfast (for dinner). Dried fish, eggs,rice


eggplant omelet (we had this for lunch last week)


sardines,rice (lunch yesterday)


roast chicken (plenty of leftovers for lunch this week)


chicken, rice, broccoli


buffalo chicken wings 


Vday dinner with family


Pizza night with hubs last Sunday!


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